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maandag 12 april 2010

Sansa Clip Firmware update

Al een maandje oud, maar zojuist gelezen op Tweakers: Firmware 01.01.25 voor de Sansa Clip MP3-speler is beschikbaar.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Portuguese display error in the language menu
  • OGG files crashing while fast-forwarding across track boundaries
  • OGG track caused Player crash
  • Dropouts on high bitrate flac files
  • Chirp at end of mp3 file
  • Device can't play FLAC with Padding removed & 440hz toneisn't audible
  • Volume is increased to the maximum when FF or RW key is pressedwith volume operation simultaneously
  • Device hangs in sequential operations of FM resume and channelsearch
  • French Language: Info section shows wrong translation for Power
  • Some Polish & Brazilian languages are not translatecorrectly.
  • Some WAV files cannot be played


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